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The newest architectural gem in Cape Town – The Silo Hotel – South Africa

When Robert and I knew that we were going to Cape Town, one of the places that were top of our minds was The Silo Hotel of Royal Portfolio.

Royal Portfolio is a collection of exclusive hotels, lodges and private residences located in emblematic destinations around South Africa. Each hotel is unique and each experience is authentic. The recently launches their new iconic hotel in Cape Town called The Silo. We had heard from friends and strangers that it is the best new and extraordinary luxury hotel in Cape Town, connected directly to the Zeitz MOCAA art museum.

Let me clarify that all those rumors are totally true! Undoubtedly it is one of the most magical hotels that I’ve visited and is really an impressive architectural gem. It is perched on the V & A Waterfront surrounded by the natural wonder of the Mother City of South Africa.

The Silo has been built within the grain elevator part of an historic grain silo complex that used to be the tallest building in 1924 at 57meters high. Today it occupies six floors above the Zeitz MOCAA (Museum of Contemporary African Art) with a total of 11 floors. Zeitz MOCAA houses the largest African collection of contemporary African art and is dubbed Africa’S Tate Modern.

The exterior of the building was designed by Thomas Heatherwick, founder and director of Heatherwick Studio, based in London. From the outside, the major visible change in the original structure of the building is the addition of the ingenious glass windows inserted into the geometry of the hotel floors. These multifaceted windows open outwards as if they were inflated, which give it a truly unique and extraordinary design. The Silo is the definition of industrial luxury that during the night transforms the building into a bright beacon in the port of Table Bay.

Since the moment Robert and I checked in we felt at ease since all the staff were really friendly, super attentive and with an impressive excitement of receiving us.

The Silo Hotel has only 28 rooms, including a spectacular penthouse with 360 degree views. Each room has been designed and individually decorated by the elegant wand of Liz Biden. The colorful and eclectic pieces juxtapose modern industrial architecture.

Every detail of the rooms is truly unique and beautiful. My favourite part without a doubt were the bathrooms that are truly gorgeous with incredible views. I swear I wanted to sleep in the bathtub.

The Silo Hotel has a really exquisite restaurant too and one of the most delicious breakfast I have ever taste it. On top is a terrace with 360 panoramic views that you walk all around. Unfortunately the pool was under restoration when we visited, but I know it is an excellent excuse to revisit! The location is only minutes walking from the V & A Waterfront which was super convenient for me as I urgently needed to go buy new looks!

One of the activities that Robert and I decided to do, which by the way is free for all the people staying at The Silo Hotel, was visiting the Zeitz MOCCA museum, which for us was a great experience. Every piece of art in this museum is really worth seeing. I would recommend whether staying at The Silo or not it is a must of Cape Town. It opens from 10 am to 6pm.

Another activity I did was to go up to Lion’s Head. I planned to go with my friend Chris and Andrew, it was definitely something that’s really worth going up. I went in the afternoon to see the sunset from the top and it was really beautiful. By far one of the best views of Cape Town. I recommend you to go very slow and take your time, as the road becomes more inclined and difficult as you go up.

Many thanks to The Silo for making our experience in our favorite city unforgettable!




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Andrew Mac Donald

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  1. Vanessa says on January 4, 2018

    Marcy, este lugar es magico! Nunca he estado en South Africa pero me encantaria conocer, he oido que es precioso y despues de ver este lindo post mas ganas me dan de ir. Este hotel Silo, sin duda se ve como una opcion increíble con una arquitectura única.
    Muy feliz año, mucho exito y que sigas disfrutando de tan inolvidables aventuras.


  2. Jacqueline says on January 4, 2018

    Wow this place looks so amazing. I love the architecture. Looks like a wonderful place to stay. Thanks for sharing

  3. Candace says on January 3, 2018

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the Royal Portfolio collection of hotels before, but it sure seems like I’m missing out! I find that the hotels with fewer rooms like The Silo Hotel are more intimate and are usually nicer. And I cannot get over that beautiful panoramic view! I knew South Africa was nice, but it’s so much more than I could have ever imagined. I would love the opportunity to stay here!

  4. michelle says on January 2, 2018

    I love your reviews! All your adventures are goals! Cape Town is on my bucket list. Did you stay in the penthouse of the Silo Hotel? Those views are gorg – and the interiors are amazing. Lion’s Head was so worth it too! Those shots are amazing. Like I always say, you are living the dream…

  5. I’ve been following you on Instagram for quite a while now and I’m always fascinated by your pictures and the places you travel to. This Silo Hotel is no exception. The decor is absolutely stunning, love all these bright colour. Your room looks so gorgeous, and the view is marvellous! Zeitz MOCCA museum is a fantastic place, I love to visit museums while travelling, coz I think they speak better about the country than anything else. All in all, a great experience indeed!

    Happy New Year, sweetie! Cheers, Eliza |

  6. Manda Lee says on January 2, 2018

    Thank you for introducing me to the Royal Portfolio hotels in South Africa! I loved learning why it’s called The Silo and it’s more than fitting! The interior of your suit! It is so beyond words! I honestly haven’t seen anything like it ever! The bathroom! I’d want to fall asleep in that bath too with architecture and a view like that! I love that The Silo is attached to the Zeitz MOCAA art museum. From the images you posted, I’d love to visit it! It’s too bad about the pool but like you said, just another reason to return! What an incredible stay!

    Manda |

  7. Queen Horsfall says on January 2, 2018

    Wow! This hotel is really fantastic, I love the modern architecture and this windows are so cool! Man, I think you stayed at many cool resorts & hotels. I would be spoiled if I got to stay there !

  8. Helen Chik says on December 29, 2017

    Oh wow that bathtub is truly a dream!! That floor to ceiling window is so perfect and I am seriously craving a bath with Epsom salts right now 🙂 South Africa is on our list to visit in 2018 and we’ll definitely need to check this place out!!

    H x

  9. Wow, the bathroom is truly gorgeous! I love the view and the black and white floors. Lion’s Head is truly amazing too. That view is just breathtaking and unforgettable. Cape Town sounds like such a wonderful place to visit. I hope I can stay at The Silo when I visit!

  10. Oh my goodness, my mouth honestly dropped open when I saw your photos of the interiors of your room! Gahh I’m so obsessed with the decor! Such a charming space – I totally want my home to look like that 😀

    xo, Jo

  11. Christine Kong says on December 10, 2017

    You get to go and visit the most amazing places in the world! I too have always been curious about South Africa and this hotel is a gem! The architecture is beyond gorgeous and I love the windows in the room. The views are sensational and the decor is breathtaking. I love that MOCCA is located right there too! What a fabulous location and unique feature of the hotel. I am so jealous and want to travel like you do! xoxo, Christine

  12. Samantha Mariko says on December 6, 2017

    I was blown away when I saw the featured photo of this post – how amazing is the architecture of the Silo Hotel! You seriously know how to find all these gems wherever you travel 🙂 I hope I make my way to Cape Town one day <3
    xo Samantha

  13. Thomas Falkenstedt says on December 5, 2017

    Cape Town has been on my list for a very long time now and reading about it on your blog even further enhanced the feeling that I must go there one day soon! The Silo Hotel sounds astounding and the penthouse is out of this world and for a girl as well travelled as you, I take your word for it being astounding. I’m also an avid lover of art in every form so that would suit my interests as well and I wouldn’t mind rounding it up with that mountaintop view in the sunset. Simply wonderful!
    Thomas xx