Hello Strangers, welcome to my blog!

My name is Marcy Yu I’m an adventurer, explorer, story teller, and a fruits, puppies and avocado lover.

I was born in Costa Rica with a Taiwanese flavor. I was based in Panama to pursue my dream in the fashion industry. I worked for 8 years in an incredible company and brand and then after a hard decision I quit my dream job to pursue another dream to become a full-time traveler, blogger, influencer, photographer and marketing specialist.

Until this day, I do not regret at all leaving my comfort zone and hope to motivate you too to do the same. I believe traveling is the best education we can afford and the best way to live a fuller life.

I hope to inspire you to explore more of the beautiful colors of our world.

Remember to use #Marcyyu as a way to share my posts on social networks. I hope you enjoy my blog as I do. I hope our paths cross someday in our travels.