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  Many of you noticed on my Instagram that I was in the Caribbean these last 3 months. I know I haven’t yet shared anything about my Caribbean trip in the blog but today I would like to start with one of the most requested destinations: Cuba. Cuba was my third communist country visited and […]

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Marcy Yu Eiffel Tower Paris France Roland Garros
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Where to stay in Paris?

  Continuing with my adventures in Europe, today I want to talk about a question that I have even asked myself many times: Where can I find in Paris a hotel that ticks the box for all these 3 things: Beautiful Cheap Good location Let’s be honest, Paris can be one of the most expensive […]

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Marcy Yu Guide to Maui Hawaii
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A guide to Maui, Hawaii

After spending a few days in Oahu my next adventure in Hawaii took me to the beautiful island of Maui. Before continue telling you about this destination I want to let you guys know that I only stayed 3 days in this island. Therefore I took advantage of these 3 days to the maximum. So, […]

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