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Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


I can finally share my travel diary of my gorgeous Costa Rica.

After Nana & Oli’s wedding we all decided to head to Manuel Antonio as an after celebration.

One of the things I was looking forward to local beach tourism. Costa Rica as always has been known for their beautiful people and their gorgeous beaches.

On our way to Manuel Antonio we stopped in a little shop for quick refreshment. This little shop had some delicious local cravings and the most fresh juicy fruits you could image. These are the types of things I miss the most, there’s no way you will find something like this in Panama especially for the price.

We all reserve at The Preserve Los Altos Hotel, which actually is one of the best from Manuel Antonio. However the hotel only carried the most amazing and enormous suits and each suits have 3 bedrooms. I ended up staying in a suite for my self, which to be honest I was very scared the all time. I even sleeped with the door locked at night.

The first day we ended up eating in a restaurant called El Avion, which is actually an airplane. This is one of the best local restaurants and actually a top attraction, so if you ever find yourself in Manuel Antonio make sure to visit this place. Try to get there before the sunsets. This place has one of the best sunset spots.

The second day we all went down for breakfast and after we went for a Catamaran tour which was amazing. We saw some dolphins, we did snorkeling and the catamaran even had a water slide. It was super fun!!!

One of the catamaran tour highlights is a story I need to tell you guys…. Nana asked me to borrowed a hat for the catamaran and 15 minutes after we left the marina the hat flew away and the captain turn around the catamaran to get the hat… so a lady goes to the captain and says: Are you really going back for a hat? And he says: Yes! , then the lady says Why? Is just a hat… and it’s my time.. I paid for my time… the captain says I understand that but this is a passengers hat. The lady still insisted for the captain not to turn around and then captain said Welcome to Costa Rica we like to attend well our people… This are the kind of situations that characterized any tico and one of the reasons I love my Costa Rica.. Really this will not happen anywhere.. I just though it was something I had to share…

Something you guys probably saw a lot on my Instagram were the amount of pictures I post about sunsets (Sorry if you though there were too many) but I’m kinda obsessed with the sunsets.. Let me tell you I still dream about them, they are just the most perfect sunsets ever. Actually while we were looking at the sunset a guy from the group proposed to her girlfriend…. SO CUTE!! Everything happened very fast but it definitely was so beautiful and perfect for any women right??

When we arrived to the hotel we all showered and went to celebrate Bruno and Lorena’s engagement, which involved a round of hot spicy tequila shots called chiliguaros.

Adam arrived the next morning and we all went to visit the National Park and the Beach was amazing. If you ever plan to go make sure you go early because the park closes at 4pm. Also recommend taking a cooler with beverage and snacks. Be prepared to see monkeys they were literally jumping all over the trail in front of us. If you look closely you could see little babies on the backs of their mothers.

The last day we decided to relax and chill at the pool hotel and private beach. Adam and I left earlier since we were heading to our next adventure and explore another beach called Santa Teresa.

I hope you enjoyed my Manuel Antonio’s diary,



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