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Il Moran Camp, Masai Mara, Kenya

Here is a small recap video from our adventures with Governors Camp Collection.

After visiting the Great Rift Valley we flew directly to the Masai Mara National Park with Governors Avitation.

Although it was my third time visiting the Mara, this was the first time for Alex. So I was very excited to show Alex one of the most popular safari destinations in Kenya where the famous migration also occurs.

I had the opportunity to see the migration last year in the Serengeti, Tanzania which is the national park that connects with the Masai Mara in Kenya. These are the parks where animals migrate from one place to another. And even though Alex and I went to Kenya during the migration season  for some reason this year the migration happened earlier than everyone expected. However that did not stop us from doing the incredible safaris.

Upon arrival at the airport of Masia Mara we were picked up by our driver Duncan to take us to the camp Il Moran of the Governors Camp Collection where we were going to stay the next days.

The Property

Il Moran is one of the most exclusive and luxurious camps of the Governors Camp Collection, which has one of the best locations in the Mara as it is next to the Mara River.

Il Moran offers only 10 big tents hidden under ancient trees, deep in the forest which line the banks of the Mara River. All very traditional, authentic and big enough to provide all the amenities you may need to live a real safari experience.

Each tent has a king color bed decorated with antique furniture that gives an authentic safari atmosphere. My favorite part of the tents were the luxurious Victorian bathrooms where I took bubble baths after my game drives.


During the days we were at Il Moran all the dishes we tried were different and exquisite. The food was served on the banks of the Mara River under the gigantic evergreens.

Dinners are served by candlelight in the open or outdoor dining tent next to the river.

After each game drive in the morning or before dinner there is a common living room where the cocktails are served and I have to say that Il Moran prepares some of the best cocktails that I have tasted.

Some of favorite dishes served in this camp were the salads, eh chocolate mousse, salmon, and the pastas.

What to do?

Game Drives

I would have to start with the incredible safaris we did. The truth is that I have been traveling in Africa for over a year and there’s no exception that every time I go on safari, something new happens. But there were two of my favorite moments that I lived with Governors Camp thanks to our guide / driver Duncan.

The first was when we saw a family of elephants with a baby elephant. Many of you know that elephants are my favorite animals and I swear I could sit for hours observing them and see their behavior. Just listening to the sound, seeing them so close in nature playing is something really incredible.

And my second part was when we saw a lioness with two of her cubs. Although it took us a long time to find them because when we arrived they were hidden and sleeping, we had a lot of patience and finally they got up. We waited about an hour for this moment to happen and it was one of the most magical, adorable moments I have been able to experience on my safari days.

Hot Air Balloon

You cannot come to the Mara and not do a hot balloon ride. Without a doubt it is a must and a super memorable experience. We did this experience with Governor’s Balloon Safaris. Although you have to get up early, believe me, the waking up is worth 100%.

The adventure begins just before dawn and the feeling is of absolute stillness is really beautiful since it is as if you were floating in silence on the plains, the forest and the rivers of the Masai Mara. From the balloon we could see giraffes, elephants, buffalos, hippos and crocodiles. The views were just breathtaking. Judge my photos.

The flight takes about an hour and it is tradition after each flight to make a toast to the return to earth with a Bush breakfast in the middle of the Masai Mara park.

Visit the Maasai Community

One of the top experience I recommend doing in Kenya. Learning more about this tribe and its culture its a total changing experience, it feeds your soul and open the eyes to the reality many people in our world are facing. Sharing a few hours with this tribe you will learn about how the live, their day to day, their traditions, or even how they make fire with their hands its truly an unique experience.

At the end of the visit its normal they prepare a little market for you of the things and crafts they do manually. All the money they get from this crafts are for their own community so this is way of helping and thanking your visit.

Bush dinner

On our last night Governor’s Camp prepared a romantic private bush dinner under the start and the moon for me and Alex. This was one of my favorite experiences in the entire trip. The sky was shinning with blue and many start around with a delicious meal prepared by our chef.

We had around 10 people who joined from our chef, waiter, bar tender, driver, and guards to make sure we were eaten by any lions lol since we were in the middle of the wild. After dinner we were surprise by a beautiful Maasai dance who made this experience more memorable during our trip to Kenya.

I want to thank all the staff from Governor’s Camp Collection that make our safari experience more memorable. Special thanks to Chloe and Patrick who helped during our trip.





Short Blanco: Zara

Camisa Cream militar: Ralph Lauren

Correa/ Faja: Hermes

Zapatillas: Gucci

Sombrero: Mango

Reloj: Filippo Loreti

Suéter crema: Zara

Bufanda morada de elefantes: Polo Ralph Lauren

Suéter de rayas blanco y negro: Zara

Top blanco: Zara

Sombrero chocolate de cinta: Sensi Studio

Lentes de sol: RayBan

Overall de jeans: Zara

Vestido Blanco: Forever 21


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