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Best Panama hotels promotion with Banco General

Hello my dear travelers! Long time not seen 🙂

Sorry I’ve been lost from the blogosphere but as you’ve noticed on my Instagram I’ve been traveling through the Caribbean and the Amazon with little access to networks or wifi.

To be honest been disconnected from the modern world has helped me a lot to enjoy the places a lot more. But at the same time it feels good to return to reality and be able to catch up with all of you guys.

Today I am very excited to share an exciting offer with Banco General during this month of May with some of my favorite hotels in Panama.

As many of you know I love doing local tourism around Panama in new and different places. But above all I love looking for a place that gives me the comfort and peace to be able to fully enjoy the destination, and by this I mean hotels.

As a good traveler, one of the things that I take my time choosing is hotels. I am one of those who think that the destination can be very beautiful but what makes the experience more comfortable and unforgettable is the hotel. Since it is the place where you return to rest after exploring wonderful destination.

Today I want to share my check list of the five things I look for when choosing my hotels:

  1. A great breakfast and by this I mean a great variety. Breakfast is my favorite food of the day and I love the hotels who really shows up on breakfasts.
  2. Internet: I understand that sometimes there are exceptions depending on where you go. Of course, for me it is always a must especially if you must be connected by work, family or friends.
  3. Hot water: there is nothing more delicious than taking a long hot shower after a day exploring a wonderful destination.
  4. Photogenic: a must for me since I am a fan of the photogenic spaces that speak for themselves. I love hotels that are designed to show the beauty of their destination.
  5. Spa: I love hotels that offer spa since it is a great way to give me some time to indulge myself.

It does not matter which destination I choose: city, beach, mountain. I always make sure that the hotels I choose always make my check list. So if you are a versatile person like me who seeks to know more about your country, this is your opportunity to take advantage of this great offer and escape a few days to a destination that you always wanted to visit.

Among my most famous trips that I have made around Panama are: Portobelo, El Valle, Playa Blanca, Chiriqui Gulf, Boquete, Bocas del Toro, etc. Many of you have asked me about the hotels in these places I visited so here is your opportunity to visit the same hotels. You can escape with your partner, with your family, with your friends or even with me hehe

So, do not wait any longer and take this great offer from Banco General where you can enjoy special prices of wonderful hotels paying with your Visa or MasterCard from Banco General. To see the list of hotels participating in this offer had click here

Azul Paradise, Bocas del Toro

El Otro Lado, Portobelo

Golfo de Chiriqui

Boquete, Chiriqui

So lets get our outfits set and pack 🙂

Which of these destinations would you like to visit?




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  1. Samantha Mariko says on June 13, 2018

    I hope you enjoyed your recent travels!! Beautiful, photogenic photos as always and I just your travel case! I need a tropical getaway sometime soon now that it’s pretty much summer 🙂
    xo Samantha