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Zipolite, Mexico


Hello strangers!! Sorry I’ve been MIA as you may have seen in my social networks I have been traveling thru Mexico. I feel so inspired and with a lot of energy that I want to tell you guys all the details about this incredible journey.

Have any of you guys done any crazy things in your life that perhaps at the time you were afraid or scared?  But then after it happens you don’t regret for a second what you did? Well that’s how my Mexico trip started.  I been planning and talking about this trip for a while with a friend of mine but I never thought it was really happening. After having flights and hotel confirmation I looked at thousands of reasons not to go since it was a trip that leave in the hands of someone else …I have to say I do not regret any single moment of the entire trip.

Over the years I have become a more adventurous and riskiest girl. I have always been one of those girls that are so safe  and that never leaves their comfort zones because we are used to have everything under control. Been cautious and controlled girls is not a bad thing. But breaking some rules occasionally and been out of your comfort zone is sometimes good for us as well.  If anything bad happens I completely think it was something that was meant to happen to teach us a lesson.  Sometimes putting ourselves in these situations is what makes our adventures even more fun and then it becomes stories you will never forget and that surely you will tell your grandchildren LOL.

Mexico was a country that I had visited before but I had never had the opportunity to stay in the City. Mexico is such a big and rich country in culture that it really needs many months to explore every corner of this region.

On this visit I had planned to stay in Mexico DF (The city) but before I went to explore the Oaxaca region located in southern of Mexico. This region is very popular for being a very attractive region for surfers because there are many famous beaches like Puerto Escondido, Zicatela, La Bamba, among many others to practice this sport. I actually went to explore Zipolite that is about an hour from Huatulco airport. Traveling within Mexico is very easy as there are many internal flights like Volaris.

Zipolite is a region or a destination with a very rough sea as is the surfing paradise, it has nudists’ beaches, many people visit this town to do yoga and meditation and see turtles. It is a very simple town, hippie, relaxed where there are not many chains of famous restaurants and hotels. In fact everything in this magical town is made up of boutique hotels, friendlier, warm, and intimate and with a more personalized service. Zipolite is also a very attractive region for mosquitoes so make sure to pack OFF in your bag LOL. Also be prepared to spend a deadly heat. If you believe that Panamas is deadly hot you need to visit Zipolite first.

We actually rented a car to move around and get to the El Alquimista Yoga & Spa Hotel. The hotel is very rustic and with elegant touches at the same time. It has 17 cozy cabins all with sea view and with all the facilities from hot water, large balconies with hammocks and colorful touches in the room’s decoration. Although the rooms do not carried air conditioner they are very fresh in the inside that there’s no need. El Alquimista Hotel is famous for its practice of Yoga within the hotel and its amazing Spa near the pool where they use 100% natural products of the region.

El Alquimista Yoga & Spa have its own restaurant where all meals of the day are taken with ocean views. Our favorite meal of the day were the dinners because the atmosphere during the nights were more cool with a fresh environment. The music and atmosphere of candles makes it much cozier with the sound of the waves and having the moon with the stars while enjoying your evening was the perfect scenery for us. After dinner we loved to stay lying on beds shorebirds.

Although some days it rained which was the reason why I got sick we explore the village and go to neighboring villages. Another beach we visited was Mazunte and we also went to Punta Cometa where you can see the best spot for sunsets in Zipolite.  Since there was a lot of teachers strikes all around Oaxaca with the blocked streets we couldn’t go too far as we plan to visit Puerto Escondido and other small towns in that area. Even though we did not have the opportunity to explore what we wanted we were very comfortable staying and exploring the surroundings, eating delicious and enjoying every moment in this magical town.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Soon I’m sharing more of my diary in Mexico City so stay tuned.Hope you enjoy the rest of your week!



Swim: Bikinis and More Panama

Bags: Bikinis and More Panama

Hat: Forever 21

Short: Cupcakes Shop & Design

Sandals: 3 Chic Avenue

Blue and Pinks Earings: Bikinis and More Panama

Blue Print Dress: Bikinis and More Panama

White Dress:

Beach Tunic: Zara

Sunglasses: Ray Ban


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    • marcyyu says on July 8, 2016

      They do not even compare to your pics!!!
      I love yours

    • marcyyu says on July 8, 2016

      Thanks girl!!! The swim is from Bikini and more Panama:)