Happy Sunday to everyone!

Sorry I been out of the loop, haven’t had the time to post all my week looks, I been busy working on some sketch which I’m very anxious to show to all of you soon!

Today I decided to dress something more relax.

Have I mentioned I’m a huge fan of wearing shorts? My friends always said they are tiny LO, but I can wear them every single day of my life. I love them because they are super comfy and you can make any type of activity with them.

I mix these short with a Voila statement tee I bought in a trip to Ecuador.

Honestly I never used caps or boots, especially because of the type of weather there is in our beautiful Panama. However this cap I have used a couple of times on my travels and at the beach, and the boots I can count with my right hand how many times I have used them for an electronic party or music festival. Eve though I don’t used them a lot I love the shape they give to my legs.

Voila Tee: Stradivarius

Shirt: H&M

Short: Zara

Bra: Victoria Secret

Shoes: Forever 21

Cap: Costa Rica

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Watch: Nixon


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