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Granada, Nicaragua

Marcy Yu in Tribal Hotel

I’m super excited to expand my blog with one of my other passions: Interior design. Yes, I could  see my self been an interior designer as well!!

I think theres many people who needs and want to study Interior design but I also think it’s something you have deep inside like an innate creativity. When I started as Visual merchandiser and Creative services manager this is when I discovered having a big passion for decoration, furniture, textures, colors, etc … I think we can always play and mix many styles as you do it with your wardrobe.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua to attend Nicaragua Diseña. I had previously visited Nicaragua for work but had never been on vacation or explore more than Managua where Nicaragua Diseña was taking place. So I organized a mini vacation to learn more about this beautiful country.

One place I have always wanted to visit was Granada. Yes, I have a fetish for old ancient and medieval cities with colorful gates, like Cartagena or Old San Juan. I feel in Latin America is very common to have this places, they maybe be similar but the truth is that each is different in culture.

When I started looking for my stay in Granada I found many options but I wanted to stay in a beautiful boutique hotel called Hotel Tribal. When I saw this hotel online I falled in love by just looking at the pictures.

Since the moment I arrived the hotel I was in love with the atmosphere, the staff, the décor. Really all the details from the reception, pool area, the dining room had a  bohemian / tribal vibe … every corner of this hotel is amazing. Just judge by my photos!

If any of you come to Granada I definitely recommend this hotel.

Tribal hotel

This is exactly how my terrace looks!! Lol

Tribal Hotel2Tribal Hotel 1

Tribal Hotel4Hotel Tribal 8Tribal Hotel 3tribal hotel3Tribal Hotel1


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