Tie Dye Jumpsuit


Happy Monday everyone!!! How was everybody’s weekend??

Mine was full of healthy and surrounded of people that I love… Spend most of the time with my family and with a cousin Hilany that came from Israel. Did I ever mention I have Jewish family?? Yes, my family has a very wide mix of continents LOL!!

Hilany and I have always been very close, she is more than a cousin to me and there’s no secret we hide from each other. Even if we are apart from thousands of miles from each other we always manage to talk and stay in contact.

This weekend was more about the extra details of our past 6 months of our lives along with many healthy activities like gym, sauna, pool and even cooking.

Today I planned to do many personal errands, so I asked to the day off. One of activities I was also planning to do was packing…YES!!!! I’m going on a trip again, but this time just for a quick surprise getaway with someone special.

How I feel about packing is how I feel about chocolates = Love and hate at the same time LOL…. I love packing and have many tips of how to pack you clothes and still look fashion; which BTW you all probably read in my last newspaper article. The tricky part or I must said the hate part is setting up the outfits, which by the way is the longest part…. especially for me because I really plan every detail of my outfits.

I’m always in a mood for travelling, still think is and will always be the best education you can paid for.. So yes I’m very excited for this quick getaway, especially because is a place I have always wanted to go. Actually after this trip I can eliminate from my Bucket List.

So back to the post LOL…. These are the last photos from my Costa Rica downtown getaway with the beautiful Eka.

And YES I’m still obsessed about jumpsuits hahaha.. Maybe too much I will say right? Since lately is the only thing I have post. Sorry but I really love Jumpsuits and have many of them. I think this is the perfect garment a girl should have in her closet for the summer.

Honestly I’m not a big fan of Tie Dyed, I think is weird how they mix colors sometimes, but this one in particular I love because is not to busy and love the mix of colors.


I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to stay tunned for my trip photos.

Big kisses!!

Jumpsuit: Cupcakes Shop & Design

Sandals: Ralph Lauren Collection

Bag: Polo Ralph Lauren

Bracelet: Hipanema

Watch: Michael Kors


Eka Mora

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