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San Jose, Costa Rica



With my lovely parents !!!!


Good Morning !!!!! How is everyone Sunday so far?

I’m finally sharing my pictures from my Costa Rica trip. Did I mentioned the principal reason I planned this trip was because of Nana’s wedding; who is one of my best friends since we was born,  also to enjoy some of the paradise beaches and actually to take a new passport. Can you believe I didn’t have more blank pages at all?

The true is that I haven’t been in Costa Rica in the past 2 years maybe… So when I plan this trip I was beyond excited … I saw many of my family who didn’t see from a while, some friends, enjoy the best and gorgeous sunsets ever, eat the best craving and of course received the warm welcome from my Costa Rican people.

Ticos are catheterized for been PURA VIDA. We are very polite, nice, and friendly everyone and we have a very distinct accent with the R… I have to say I was missing it…

The last time I saw Nana was 2 years ago, actually on my euro trip, which I planned to meet with her in Milan and celebrate her b-day, and actually that was my first time I meet Oliver, her actual husband.

Nana and me known each other since we were probably born; her mom is the best friend of my mom, so she is like family to me. When she told me she was getting married I was very excited!!!. Actually Oliver proposed to her days after the Milan trip. They were already married in Germany, but not in Costa Rica, so this was the perfect excuse to get all together and celebrate.

On the wedding I was able to see my others friend from high school, and here is were you realized even though it’s a little awkward after been apart so many time, how naturally you revive all those moments from high school again when you are all together. Definitely was a great wedding, especially the Chiliguaros Alexis prepared….

One of the things I spend doing in Costa Rica was eating, eating, and more eating… I’m sure you all notice that on my Instagram or Snapchat (what can I say I ‘ve this thing for food) I tried every craving possible and actually I gain many pounds since I got back… but those are the best pounds of my life… and yes I don’t have any regret LOL

After the wedding some of us left to Manuel Antonio to relax after the huge celebration.

Stay tuned for my next Manuel Antonio Post. Hope you finish enjoying your Sunday!



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