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Happy Saturday everyone!! Just when I thought I was back to my regular blogging …… I disappeared again.. …. Apologies!!!!

Have been in my GORG Costa Rica the last 2-weeks. Actually when I knew I was going I metalized myself to actually enjoy the most of it and that means no work at all. Just to mention I touch my work phone 2 times … believe or not!! The great thing is that I have so much material that can’t wait to share with all of you guys YAY!!!

That reminds me that I still haven’t shared my Colombia photos; dunno why my travel photos are more difficult for me to post… Weird no?

Now that we have a few summer days in Panama, I went to take a walk with Gonx to Casco Viejo and we found a little hidden beach near the Mostaza restaurant where the light was perfect…. Just look at the pictures.

A color I love to wear on summer days is pink… Actually lately I have been using pink in many of my outfits, or even a touch of pink in my accessories. I love Pink because it is such a vibrant and feminine color for summer.

In Panama there’s only a few exclusive boutiques where you can find unique clothing pieces in minor quantities, especially in Panama that is tiny as a peanut. What I mean with this is seeing a girl wearing what you bought. I know there’s allot of girls that know what I mean… its kind of funny, but when it actually happens it is NOT! LOL

One of the boutiques that carry amazing pieces and you will not see anything that you bought on someone else is Cupcakes. Well at least for me…. I have bought there a couple of times and not even once have seen someone with something I have bought before. I think is such a cool thing they maintain exclusivity.

This dress I love because of the mix of patters and textures… Love the white crochet on the top with the floral print on the bottom. Generally when you mix 2 patterns that are that strong they never turn this nice.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Stay tuned for more details and pictures of my Costa Rica trip!


Dress: Cupcake Shop

Bag: H&M

Shoes: Sophia Webster

Watch: Michael Kors


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