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Officially this has been my favorite moment from 2015 so far!!!

When I started planning my vacations I was between California and Whistler. I had already decided for Whistler as many of you recommended, since I had been in California before.

The reason I ended up going to California instead of Whistler was because I had a thing at work that couldn’t missed and they were the same days as Whistler… So I had to change all my plans … But it turned out perfect because I could join my trip to Las Vegas with my California trip.  I had planned a small getaway to Las Vegas for a bachelorette party.

When I started planning my trip Adam told me some of the things we were doing and among those he mentioned we would be doing the hot air balloon ride!!! When I heard this I was beyond excited; I think my pictures speak for themselves… A balloon ride definitely is at the top of my life bucket list .The truth is that I never imagined doing one of my dreams so soon especially in California LOL!

Adam and Sky is The Limit were responsible for making one my dreams come true … The balloon could fit 4 couples within those couples there were some Adams friends.

If any of you get to do this you must be booked in advance and wait for confirmation the same day as this depends very much on the weather. When we arrived we had to sign a paper that practically says they are not responsible in case of death … At that time I starting been nervous.

Gradually I started realizing that a balloon ride is much more complicated that I thought it was… It requires many procedures to make this possible.  I also realize my extremely ignorance about hot air balloons… LOL.  I don’t know why I though balloons take off and landed in the same place and they don’t (don’t judge me) everything depends on the wind.

When we took off I thought I was going to have that feeling when you’re on a roller coaster that you feel a very empty feeling very inside of you. Actually you don’t feel anything since the balloon take off very slow. Once you grab flight is impressive to see the city from this point, everything is looked so beautiful especially because we did it at sunset time!!! The ride we took was about one hour and we got to see the beach side and the richest neighborhoods in San Diego. We got to see many celebrities mansions. From the photos guess which is my mansion? Jijijij

The scary part was when we landed, since we landed on an empty lot where the trailer of the balloon could not enter. So the driver and his team asked for help to the 4 men’s inside the balloon to push / carry the balloon to the area where the trailer was. There were about 7 men’s pushing the balloon with 4 women’s terrified inside… Only imagine this scene LOL …Now that I remember it’s funny but at that moment was very scary. The moment I remember the most was when the guys were pushing the balloon and the driver trying to drive the balloon and at the same time giving directions of where to push and Suddenly the balloon began to take off again…I just listened someone yelling … For any reason do not release the balloon … When I saw down there were seven men hanging from balloon at a fairly high altitude … Thank God the balloon came back to the ground  again.

Despite everything we ended this trip drinking champagne and laughing about what just happen. The funny part was that we did all this without taking down any sprinklers. Yes that lot was full of sprinklers …We might took off a couple of tree branches only LOL!!!!

After such a story I still think it was really an amazing experience!!!

As FYI all companies of hot air balloons in San Diego would be closing soon because there are more limited places of where the balloon can land. So you guys hurry up!!!

Some of my recommendations for those who will do a balloon ride are:

  1. Bring comfortable shoes: shoes preferably closed.
  2. Use pants or short: it’s much more convenient especially to get up and down the basket.
  3. Bring a hat: after been without a hat the entire ride I really recommend taking one. The heat of the balloon is super strong. For a moment I felt that I was staying hairless LOL
  4. Take your camera: Obviously an experience like this requires saving this moment.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did!!!!

Remember “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans”..  Happy Tuesday!!!



My happy face!!! This is the photo with the biggest smile I have.


Oh no!! The moment you realize you are very high.

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Hot Air Ballon Company: Sky is The Limit, San Diego California


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