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My Sweet 30’s in Casa Nolita, Panama

Today I want to interrupt my blog post series from South Africa to share my first post as a 30th year girl? I’m allowed to say girl right? Yep, you guys heard right…

Now it it’s official … I fulfilled this past November 27th my thirty-year springs.

I’ve been thinking for months what I wanted to do for my 30th birthday. And the truth is that I wanted to spend it in some new destination. Some of my options were New Zealand, Iceland or Turkey, but then I said to myself: why not choose a place in Latin America since it was easier for me to visit my family in Costa Rica later for Christmas. So, I decided to spend it in Peru since I have always dreamed of going to Machu Pichu. I even wrote to several friends that I was going to go and many already had some preparations for me. (Sorry for canceling at the last-minute guys.)

After thinking it over I wanted to spend my 3 decades with my family and people that I love and admire so much. We all turn 30th once in your life … so what better way to share it with all your peps right? So suddenly there was a change of plans. I returned to my house: Panama after my Euro-trip.

I was in doubt if I celebrated Sunday 26th or Monday 27th … I decided on Monday because in theory that is my birthday and the next day was a holiday, so it was perfect for many people. However, I had in mind that gathering all the people I wanted to see in one place was extremely difficult especially because most of my friends are already moms, married or have a job that demands a lot of time or they are traveling. I had very low expectations of those who were going to my party, but still I was not discouraged and continued with the party plans.

This is my beautiful family! Missing my dad.

Sharing some of my favourite girls squad in different pics…

The first thing I did was to send the invitation to all the people I wanted to see. Among them my family, all my friends and of course the people with whom I used to worked at Ralph Lauren before that I still consider them my second family. Each one of these people has influenced in some way in my life to be the person that I am today.

I have to be honest but I was a little nervous about how the night would go by since I had more than 5 months of not seeing anyone and I have many different groups of friends. Being able to mix them all together made my nerves stand on the end.

But finally my 30’s party happen: My sister Pamela organized the best 30th party I could have imagined and she did it in a super intimate, beautiful place that I always loved: Casa Lolita Panama who also organized a special menu for my dinner party.

As always I was fashionable- late but the good thing I was the birthday girl so I was the only one allowed to do this lol! I took the surprise that there were already many of my friends waiting and it was really special to see that the people that arrived early were the ones I thought they would not come.

The cutest B-day cake I could ask for… It was so delicious. Made by Dins Factory @dinsfactory

She is Patty one of my best friends for life! I love you so much!

She is Mary, used to work with me at Ralph Lauren and we become very close!! Someone I can call one of my best friends too!

From right to left this is Annie Chang @annie_changg ,the best makeup artist in Panama who did my makeup this day. She study with me Fashion Design and she came with her lovely cousin Lorraine.

Don’t know if you guys recognised this stunning girl: Julissa @julissarodriguezf she did me an interview for her channel and we become very close friends who came with her husband.

I have another Patty in my life and she had been my neighbour ever since me and my family moved to Panama. Admire her so much and one of my best friends as well!

Traveling for long periods has made me miss them all so much! I have missed many important things in their lives. An example is the birth of the daughter of my best friend Patty and Edgardo. Can you believe that I still don’t know their daughter? Even that they have a beautiful newborn baby they arranged everything to come to my birthday.

I don’t want to go into details that I have missed these 5 months, but those are some of the examples that fill me with joy. Knowing how many people despite their busy lives made a space to be with me that day. I want to thank each one of you for having attended. It really means a lot to myself and the best gift I could have received was to see each one of you.

Some of my favorite moments of my party was the toast of one of my best friends Nini Córdoba who has always supported me no matter what decisions I made. Yesterday she gave the most beautiful speech I could have imagined. My sister Pamela not only organized this incredible party, but also gave a very special speech that both brought me into tears. I mean how couldn’t I cried?

This is my friend Nini, who I adore so much!! So lucky to have her in my life.

My sister Pam @pame0247  She organized this amazing party and give the most beautiful speech as well! Can you guys believe we have 11 months difference?  #fact

Yep, that me crying again!!!

Another of my favorite moments was to see how some bloggers and girls who follow me who I invited to the party and spend this special day with me. I always love to know the people who have supported me in this journey. One of those girls is @tropicaledge_ who I have been secretly stocking for their beautiful photos and beautiful outfits. When I found out she was in Panama I immediately sent the invitation. Yoira Pérez @yoiraperez with whom I am planning to go to Turkey way before I came to Panama since it was an option for my birthday. I also invited my dear @cynthianakad that I met since my blogger beginnings and we have followed each other and we both have a lot of admiration for each other! Not to mention that she is a total bae.

Another favourite moment was to see the face of my 3 little cousins when my best friend’s husband came to the party: Edgardo who turns out to @joeymontanaofficial . Seeing the expression of my 3 adored cousins was priceless since they could not believe it. They were covering and opening their eyes to see if t was real lol!! Of course, one of them took the opportunity to take a picture with him.

Did I mention to any of you I have jewish family? These 3 little princesses are my beautiful cousins who I love so much!

This is my best friend husband  Edgardo , AKA: @joeymontanaofficial. I  admire him very much and he is so successful. He is so lucky to have my best friend as her wife. Next to him is my little cousin Dani,  who really admires him to death.

The best Bday crew I could ask for!!

I want to thank Casa Nolita Panama @casanolitapty and Olga Rodriguez Santini @olgarsantini for making this birthday so memorable. I swear it was the perfect party for me. It was not too small and not too big just perfect to be share with all the people I love and admire so much.

To all my family and friends: Thanks, from the bottom of my heart for having attended. The best gift was to see all of you yesterday!

PD: Also thanks to all of you who took me a little gift which was not necessary. Today I just opened each of the gifts and many of you did not name it.  So, I’m confused about who given me what, but anyway, I love all my gifts! Thanks for knowing me so well!




My outfit:

Dress and Shoes:  Zara

Accessories: Charriol 


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  1. Yoleidy Sánchez says on December 28, 2017

    30 años no se cumplen todos los días!! Muchas felicidades. Tu vestido es espectacular, el cake me encantó y tus invitados muy bien puestos.

  2. Thomas Falkenstedt says on December 28, 2017

    As much as we love to travel, sometimes it’s good to stay home for important occasions, such as in your case, the celebration of your 30th birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!). You look gorgeous and I’m glad so many of your friends could make it. Welcome to the 30s, the best age! 🙂
    Thomas xx

  3. Felicidades! Me ha encantado! Tu fiesta estuvo increíble! Me gusta el look que elegiste! ?

  4. Zig Trejo says on December 27, 2017

    que increíble que tu fiesta haya salido tan bien! se ve que estuvo increible , que todos se divirtieron demasiado y tu idea de pasarlo en familia y con las personas que amas me encanto! por cierto…y ya se que muy tarde..Felices 30!!!!

  5. Samantha Mariko says on December 24, 2017

    MARCY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You definitely do not look 30 haha you look soooo good in this outfit, and I mean look at those legs<3 I hope you had the best birthday ever! Congrats<3
    xo Samantha

  6. Christine Kong says on December 20, 2017

    Happiest 30th birthday! In your short 30 years you have accomplished so much already. What a beautiful party and the perfect dress to celebrate your birthday in. Such love and support from all your family and friends is so special. Your brother looks exactly like you by the way. The 30’s are the best years IMO and you will grow so much more. Welcome to the 30 club! xoxo, Christine

  7. Mariann Yip says on December 20, 2017

    Happy belated darling! It sounds like you had a great time and of course it’s a little scary to send invites to friends that you might not have seen in a while but for a celebration like this, they usually do show up! My birthday is coming up and I have no idea what to do but this definitely gave me some inspiration!

  8. Sergio Felix says on December 2, 2017

    Happy 30th! I am interested in starting a travel blog like yours. My blog will be more of how a family of four (two being children) travel and create adventure(s).
    Do you have any suggestions for a new blogger? I look forward to hearing back.