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Hello Travelers!!! How is the beginning of the week going so far? Today I want to share with all of you my recent trip to Mexico City.

In my previous post I mentioned that this was my first time in Mexico City so just imagine my “To do list” of places and spots I wanted to visit. When I showed my list  Gerardo literally laughed in my face Lol because there’s was so many things I wanted to do in so little time.

Mexico is a country with great culture, and truth is that is has thousands and thousands of things to do especially in the city. I was not able to do everything I had planned for 3 reasons: One was the traffic (Mexico DF is one of the most chaotic cities in traffic and it is important that you guys are prepared). Second the weather did not help much because there were so many rainy days during my stay and lastly I had returned from Zipolite super sick which was not favorable neither.

Despite all that I was able to explore a few things of my list and enjoy them well. For me it is more important to explore the places calmly as I prefer to take my time and really enjoy each one of them than be rushing to see everything.

When I knew I was coming to stay a few days in the city I had planned to grab a day to do some public relations from my work and also visit a few friends. Frist I wanted to see my friend Hugo from Panama who just moved to the City. Then I wanted to see a Mexican blogger friend that I’m sure many of you follow her and if you don’t follow her then I recommend to follow her since she have the most amazing photos on her Instagram and such great content at her blog Pamela Allier.

For sure this year I’m coming back to Mexico City as there were many things I still wants to do and I really loved that city. Its really funny that now days many people and even in the media today they market Mexico as not favorable city and in a really extremely dangerous city. And the truth is that it is not. Mexico is a fascinating country and specially the city is very charming with such a nice weather, the people, the food, the landscapes, etc… It did not seem a dangerous city like everyone thinks. I’m not saying that it’s not dangerous city neither because every city in the world have dangerous parts or zones but it all depends on what place you go. One of the things I really enjoy with Gerardo was just walking around La Condesa, see the parks. the little and beutiful houses and eat delicious ice cream. The weather was perfect in the evenings btw.

From the little bit I was able to explore I still want to share with all of you the places I visited. Promise to give you guys a more complete guide when I’m back again to another trip to Mexico City:

1. Polanco and Polanquito: It is one of the most exclusive and famous districts of Mexico. Polanco is more a residential area where most families live but has very nice surroundings. Polanquito is an area where there are many restaurants and bars. Its greaat for a fun nightlife and gets really cool.

2. La Condesa: This is another of the most famous neighborhood in Mexico, only that this one have a more youthful vibe and with a more party environment. It has beautiful surroundings too for Instagram pictures. Such as buildings, homes, coffee shops, restaurants, flower kiosk, etc.

3. Luis Barragan House: for  interior design and architecture fans this is definitely a must. Is one of the houses of the most famous architects of Mexico with a fascinating history. If any of you visit this spot you will be able to listen to Luis Barragan full life history. BTW if you want to take pictures of the inside house this is an additional cost.

4. El Pendulo: One of most impressive bookstores I have ever visited in my entire life. Definitely a great place to take a delicious coffee, work in peace and look for inspiration.

5. Casa de los Azulejos: located in the historical city center and is one of the most beautiful buildings in Mexico that really worth a visit. Believe or not this building is a Sanborns and it also has a restaurant inside very cute.

6. Frida and Diego’s House: is a must in Mexico. The history of this women is very impressive and is really a must. One of my favorite parts are the looks and costumes she wore at her time which are very extraordinary.

7. Mexican wrestling: the all traditional and famous mexican wrestling are a fun trip to do in Mexico. Seriously you guys will laugh your ass watching this.


1. Lardo: located in La Condesa neighbor. They served delicious breakfast and definitely the restaurant itself is super cute for Instagram pictures.

2. Azul Historicos: A restaurant that definitely can not be missed. Located in the historic center (there are several streets leading to the historic center that are dangerous so you guys should be careful) If it rains don’t worry that thisguys have the most amazing electric roof. BTW you guys cannot leave without trying the guacamole.

3. Tori tori: a Japanese restaurant located in Polanquito and a favorite of my friend Pamela Allier. 100% recommended

4. Puntarena: This restaurant is opposite the Azul Historico restaurant and I tried this one for the sweets. From where I was seating this was the first thing I notice. The gelatos are super delicious especially the pistachio and they also have the hugest and yummies chocolate chip cookie. I can assure you this will be a great Instagram photo because of the big round size. Make sure to take this one with the city view; for sure will be a great shot.(I wanted to take one but its was too late because I already had eaten all of it Lol)

5. Lampuga: this was the first restaurant I tried in Mexico and it was for dinner. I actually didn’t order anything from the menu because someone else order for me. But the restaurant has a very cool atmosphere and also very good service. All the dishes I tried were delicious but my favorite dish for sure was the fries with anchovies and a slight of truffles that makes it so yummy.

6. Le Pain Quotidienne: I meet here with Brenda from Buro 24/7 for a delicious coffee. It is a bakery / cafe / restaurant super cute and perfect for a sweet craving in the afternoon. It is such an adorable place too for pictures 🙂 (sorry I’m always thinking about pictures lol)

7. Palmares Azotea: I went to this place as we finished exploring La Condesa and we actually went for a drink. The building where it was located is super cute in the inside is much prettier. It has such great and fun atmosphere for a night out too. Another spot you must visit for sure.

8. Romita Comedor: This restaurant was on the top of my list but unfortunately I could not go because it was being remodeled. I add it to this list so you guys can tell how was it 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my little guide to Mexico DF. I promise to give you guys a more complete guide when I’m back in the city again!

BTW: Happy 4th for those who celebrate and for those who don’t I wish you all of you a great week!






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