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Panama Fruit Market


Happy Thursday everyone!! Who else is looking forward for the weekend like me??  Have any of you planned anything yet? I’m planning a quick escape to the beach this weekend so stay tuned on my Social networks 🙂

Today I want to share a very fun post that I recently did with a very special friend: Mayra Hurley (By the way she just opened her page which is very cool! You guys should take a look)

Mayra and me have been friends since elementary school can you guys imagine? Since the 6th grade, about 15 years ago approx.  The number for me is not what matters but is the quality what is most important. It can pass many years and year ahead but every time we are together is like nothing happen. For me it is much more valuable friendships like her because there’s so much happening in our lives that we don’t see each other all the time.

This post came out one day we decided to buy fruits at the Panama Fruit Market known also as Mercado de Abastos. For those who know me I’m a Fruit junkie. For real I could eat fruit every day for the rest of my life. They are so delicious and so healthy.  I love each one of them in its own kind, texture and colors.

Normally I have always bought my fruits in Bal Harbour in a shop called Foodie since it is the closest to my house and they have excellent quality but they tend to be super expensive too. Personally I recommend buying in Bal Harbour only the smaller fruits or the ones that are sold in packaging as the berries family’s: strawberries, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and kiwis (they sell also the most delicious kiwis)

As for the rest of fruits and vegetables I recommend buying them in the Fruit Market.  My mom and my sister have always done their shopping in the Fruit Market and they been stocking me to go with them so I can stop wasting my money in the other place because is very expensive. But for some reason every time they go I couldn’t go. One day I was hanging out with Mayra and we wanted to eat fruits and she took me to the Fruit Market because she always goes there and is super close of her house.

After visiting the Fruit Market I can tell you guys that this is the best choice for shopping more traditional fruits and vegetables. Everything is super fresh, they are available in all the portions you need them and the best of all is SUPER CHEAP!! Guys seriously with $ 20 you can fill your entire fridge of fruits and vegetables of great quality. Besides that the food market is an excellent backdrop for photos lol Sorry but it’s true. It has the most prettiest and colorful backgrounds to take pictures. So if you guys go leaving you camera at the house is not an option 🙂

Some tips to go to the food market are:

1. Go with a super comfortable outfit and especially one that don’t makes you sweat much: You are about to live one of the strongest heats of your life hahaha especially if’ you taking photos.

2. Prepare to been whistle: the food market is full of many boys because they are the ones who load and unload trucks of everything you are buying. So just have fun and go with the flow lol!

3. Take your tote bag: I am a collector of tote bags not only because they are super useful for everything. But also because helps the environment and our planet.  I feel now days we should stop using plastic bags in the super markets. Did you guys knew the cycle of life for a plastic bag is aprox 150 years? 🙁 The most functional way to collaborate with our environment is take your recyclable bag or your tote bag and put your grocery there. I bought mine bought it in Mr. Holmes, San Francisco.

4. Bring a hat: as you know the heat is deadly in Panama. A hat will help protect you from the sun.

5. Take a pony tail: no joke about the heat lol seriously going to need one to tie your hair.

6. Bring cash: We are in a market and credit cards are not accepted. Believe me that $ 20 is more than  enough to fill your fridge for a week.

7. Do not forget your camera: As I mentioned this fruit market has the best backdrops for photos.  So obviously you have to take this opportunity to take nice pictures.

8. Take one of your besties: sharing is always better and sharing this experience with someone you love is more fun.

9. Bring the fun attitude: besides bringing your beastie is also important to bring a fun attitude. This will reflect in your photos.

I hope these tips are useful for you and I also hope it helps your pocket like it did to me. Thanks Mayra for taking me !!

Hope everyone have a nice day.




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Top: Urban Outfitters

Shorts: Cupcakes Shop

Sandals: Schutz in 3 Chic Avenue

Bag: Chloe

Sunglasses: Dior

Watch: Marc Jacobs

Hat: Forever 21


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    • marcyyu says on July 8, 2016

      Thank you Sharon!!! Have a lovely weekend too

  1. Kashanie says on July 8, 2016

    Hola Marcy! Muy lindo el review. La verdad es que tampoco conocía de este mercado y triste que no viva ya allá para poder conocerla. Por cierto bellas las fotos de mis amigonchis y las extraño mucho a las dos! Éxito!

    • marcyyu says on July 8, 2016

      Kashy, mil gracias por leerlo Yay!!!
      El Mercado es un exitoooo gracias a Mayra lo descubrí. Te llevaremos cuando vengas.
      También te extranamos un monton, te manamos un abrazote doble

  2. Kashanie says on July 8, 2016

    Hola Marcy! Muy lindo el review. Son unas bellezas las dos! Como extraño mi lindo Panamá y las adoradas amigas que todavía viven allá! Éxito a las dos.