The last day of MBFWSJ has arrived, its sad but at the same time very exciting; not that the others days weren’t but this one in particular was the close up day and everyone was hoping for the last runways.

This was also a very special day because the fashion design students were presenting as well, which took place a little earlier.

I organized the day with my friend Estefania to have our make up done at Mac early so we can assist to the student’s runways. When I saw the student’s runways I immediately felt a flashback that remind me back of my fashion design student days.. That adrenaline, excitements of been in that special day on backstage and exited for everyone to see you collection… I wonder I will ever design again?? Living all these want me to go back….

The true is that I love all the students’ design; they were very young, creative, fresh and very well made. Congratulations to all of you!!!

On the highlight of this day there were also some designers like:

Guayaberi: Costa Rica swimwear designer, her runway was very young and fun with a danza. Love all the one-piece designs of her collection.

Obra Gris: a very different and slow runway with very unique proposals. Just see at the pictures.

On Aura Tout Vu: this was the runway I was looking forward the most on this day. Actually they have always been the close up. This is a brand that designers are from France and every piece they made was absolutely stunning and perfect!!

After the runways the after party was waiting for all of us. Honestly I was so exited about it because I could hang out with my sister Vanessa, but I was so tired. Since MBFWSJ started I left my house 8-9am and come back at 2-3am, even my dad didn’t believe I was in FW all that time LOL

However I decide to stay a little while only because I had to catch an early flight next day and I still needed to do some packing.

I have enjoyed all the days in my beautiful Costa Rica, they were actually the best vacation I have had in a very long time. I want to thank all of you for receiving me with open arms, specially the MBFWSJ team, to my followers for been so kind and making the nicest comments and for been very supportive about my blog. All of your comments made my days better and happier in Costa Rica. I hope to keep coming more often and make MBFWSJ a tradition every year.

Pura vida,



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