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Happy Saturday!!! How is your weekend so far?? Yesterday I went to dinner with a friend and I slept like a baby after such a busy week at work and busy events.

Today I want to share my outfit and some pictures of a very special event I attended. This Wednesday was the anniversary of Like Magazine at the Moma restaurant.

Like magazine invited me to be part of their anniversary. I meet Like Magazine in a special dinner thanks to my dear friend or like they said my sister from others mother Pilar Sinclair. I remember that night I was the Pili +1 (LOL we always go together to events, sometime she is my +1) and I remember she had asked me to please join her to dinner that a great friend of hers Alejandra Ora was coming and she will like me to meet her.

From the moment we arrived it was such a wonderful welcome and enormous charisma from all the girls from the magazine even from Alejandra. She was actually in Panama because she was going to do the cover of the magazine. From there I could keep my connection with them and they were so nice to invite me to celebrate their anniversary with them. Ale had also came to Panama to celebrate this special occasion. Actually it was her night too. From the little I know her she seems like a super charismatic, real, cheerful, funny and super successful person.

That evening I also had several friends who were attending the event including Pili of course, she attended with some members of her family, a Lizzie a friend from Pili and Fanny that actually writes in the magazine and is a friend of both, so I was not alone. I was with great company!

As for my outfit I was actually saving this dress for a special occasion, because since I saw it I fell in love…. Lately I’m obsessed with the Cape trend…. Some people think it’s too much lol but I have to say I love them!!! You only need to know how to use them and pick them. In particular this capes dress is very light that makes it look simple but elegant so that’s why I knew I needed to buy it.

After the event we went to old town. As any of you could see it in my snapchat (marcyyu) … if you have noticed my snaps are more fun when I have a few drinks LOL sorry if any of you saw or feel uncomfortable. My friend Ivan always offers me a drink. He thinks I’m funnier when I’m drinking LOL meaning normally I am boring person to him LOL. I hope that is not the case with all of you … I can be fun just that I’m a little difficult in trusting people at first!!

I have to run before the bank close!! Hope everyone is having a nice day!!


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Dress: Cupcakes

Shoes: Schutz

Bag: Felix B Maduro

Earings: Malaika

Watch: Michael Kors

Chain Bracelet: Bikini Shop


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