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Hello New York

I think every time we approach to September I get a little excited not only because of the B-day of some special people, but also because is NY Fashion Week.

I travel a lot for work to the Big Apple, but my favorite’s visits are definitely during February and September, the 2 dates of Fashion Week. Event thought I’m always with a tight schedule I always manage to enjoy my stay. Some of the highlights on my schedule were 2 major events: The celebration of the official launch of the new line for Polo Ralph Lauren for Women’s in Central Park with the opening of the new Flagship 711 Polo Ralph Lauren Store and the gateway for the Ralph Lauren Spring 2015 Collection.

I make this trip both work and pleasure and it was extra special because I had the opportunity to travel with my best friend Patty and her mom. We plan to reunite in NY for the search of Patty’s wedding dress, not to mention that we also went to celebrate her birthday.

For Patty’s birthday we planned to go to dinner at the restaurant Fig & Olive in the Meatpacking District is a French and Italian restaurant which also has a bar. All 3 ended up ordering pasta which was exquisite, with rich white wine.

The truth is that we only went to NY for a week and a half and it wasn’t enough time for the amount of staff we wanted to do and with the plenty of places there is to visit during day and night.

Among the activities we plan to do obviously was to visit bridal stores, but some stores like Sephora, Burberry, Chanel, Victoria’s Secret, Urban outfitters, Schutz, and Ralph Lauren among others.

One of the places that I recommend and you should do is the Shake Shack burgers. The truth is that Patty and I didn’t wanted to go because is always full and the line was too long, but it moves pretty quickly. However we both agree it was worth the wait because they were the best burgers we had tried.

Another place you must visit is Little Eataly, especially for the coffee and gelato, and also you should visit the Chelsea Market for lunch or dinner they have an endless variety.

During my time in NY I also achieved to meet with an old friend from school Kashy, who lives in NY. Can you believe that from the many times I have travel to NY we can never coordinate to see each other, except for this time. So we decided to meet at one of the Bubble and Tea stores and then walked by The Hight Line and then meet Patty and her mom for shopping.

During dinner time Kashy invited me to dinner at a place called The Social corner where the food was scrumptious.

Certainly this trip to NY was extra special to me not only for the company of my best friend Patty or for the Fashion week, but because I have always thought that the experience of traveling is the best but especially with someone special to you makes the experience even more fun.

NY Thanks again for having me and I hope to see you again in February.



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