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Granada, Nicaragua


One of my goals is to be  able to explore more Latin America. We are so rich with our culture that we haven take this advantage of this especially with so many countries that are so close. Sure, I will love to explore the entire world, who would´t right? But that will requieres a lot of time and money LOL!! So lets be realistic for my pocket and my vacations days it easier to finish exploring more this continent than going to another.

A country that is so rich and very shocking for everyone apparently is Nicaragua.. Yes everyone was surprised to know all my pictures fro this trip were from Nicaragua. This country reminded me so much to Costa Rica but fro the small town i was born Ciudad Neilly. The people were actually people, the food is amazing very similar to Costa Rica actually  and theres a sun like the last summer day!!!

I had the opportunity to visit Nicaragua because i was invited to attend the Nicaragua Diseña. As soon i knew i was able to attend I knew i wanted to explore Granada and San Juan del Sur. Unfortunately I dint have enough time to do San juan de Sur but this is such a great excuse to come back.

If you ever are in Granada you have to visit the cathedral of course. I will recommend to rent a bike a do a tour all over the old city and this was you can explore all the beautiful colored houses. In regards food you guys need to try the bigoron (amazing) and cajeta.

Another thing is to go for the Islets tour. You get on a boat for about 3 hours and you can have a lake tour and see all the rich and famous mansions. It was so fun because Anita and me were pretending to play which houses were ours!! We also get to see and feed the monkeys.

Thank you for reading me and hope you enjoyed my Nicaragua travel diary!




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