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Estéreo Picnic, Bogotá

I was in the beautiful city of Bogotá to attend the 2014 Festival Stereo Picnic.

I had previously visited Bogota for work and loved being back but this time on vacation.

I love this city for its culture, people, service, weather and especially the arepas (yummy).

Sincerely I had not previously heard of this festival until my boyfriend mentioned to me. I have attended music festivals before, but nothing compares to this. Did you know that Estereo Picnic carries 13 years performing in Bogota?

Must admit it was very well organized, lots of variety of artists, art, food, extra fun games and music. Congratulation can wait to come back next year again!

I believe that music is the only thing that can bring together millions of people in one place from different cultures, backgrounds, interests and make us forget the problems.

The shows we definitely wanted to see was the Phoenix, Empire of the Sun, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tiesto, Zedd and Nine Inch Nails. The Nine Inch Nails show was amazing, I didn’t expect to liked but I did. My favorite was undoubtedly Zedd and Phoenix. I think this trip achieved meet several checks of my life.

The Click Clack Hotel was outstanding, the facilities, rooms, food, location etc. Definitely would recommend to anyone.

If any of you visit Bogotá 3 places you should go to Andres Carne de Res is day or night, Restaurant Apache (awesome burgers) and finally to a place they have to go eat a delicious palette in Paletería.

I could see a lot of art around Bogotá, specially beautiful graffiti around town, here I share some photos.



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