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Cannes, France


Hello travelers!! How is everyone’s Thursday so far? I am writing this post from thousands of feet height trying to catch up in my latest travel post. As I mentioned to you guys before I been a little “MIA” from the blogosphere world because I was traveling in Europe.

It was exactly 3 years since my first trip to Europe where I had the opportunity to visit Amsterdam, Milan, Paris and Berlin. In fact, after that trip this is when I decided to open my blog. It’s amazing how time flies right? So many experiences in the last 3 years and growing together with all of you is what continues to motivating me. So thank you for that!

I decided to do a second Euro-trip because I had to attend a wedding in Greece from some friends that live in San Francisco. So it was the perfect opportunity for me to tide this visit with other destinations. For me traveling that far for a few days was not worth not only because is super tired but also because you are already making the expense why not make the expense worth by visiting more destination right?

So I organize the first half of my trip to Europe with my friend / influencer / photographer @RobertMichaelPoole since he was already in Europe we decided to meet to collaborate together again. Only that this time we decided to explore the South of France on the famous French Riviera with Cannes, Nice, Monaco and Aux Provence.

Our first destination to visit was Cannes. I most be honest but I had only heard about Cannes because of the famous international film festival. But after having the opportunity to visit the French Rivera cities Cannes certainly was one of my favorites.

I’ve always thought that your experience in each destination depends greatly on the hotel as this really depends on your relaxation and comfort. Cannes itself is very well know for having heavy traffics so this is why we wanted a hotel near the center and the places we wanted to visit. We end up staying in the Five Seas Hotel located close to the famous Palais des Festivals in the heart of the city, in a charming neighborhood right opposite a church. Nestling amongst rooftops and terraces on the French Riviera, this 5-star establishment offers the most beautiful and relaxing of all journeys.

The Five Seas Hotel is part of the design Group hotels which has been carefully designed in the context of a voyage. A wonderful, motionless journey that inspires and rejuvenates those who enter through its doors. From concept to creation, each of the architects, craftsmen and designers has left his mark. The result is a magnificent haven for those who share a taste for adventure.

Studio Hertrich & Adnet was selected to direct the hotel’s interior décor. It was they who created the concept of a motionless journey, or ‘voyage immobile’, inspired by the name of the church opposite the hotel. The aptly named Notre Dame de Bon Voyage is the one in front of which Napoleon is said to have camped down back in the days. It is as if the premises were predestined to be devoted to the idea of travel. The spacious Five Seas Hotel conjures up feelings of freedom and escape to foreign lands – a veritable trove of dreams inviting guests to imagine their own personal paradise.

The beautiful lobby boasts screens designed and embroidered by Gérard Trémolet and Petra Tlapova.The collection of blue porcelain, sourced from around the world and arranged on a central console, depicts mystical landscapes born from the most vivid imaginations…

The furniture in the bedrooms and suites calls to mind the luxurious trunks favoured by the Karen Blixens of the third millennium. The beds, with their huge immaculate canopies with tan edging, are like futuristic cocoons, perfect for relaxing. The generously proportioned bathrooms can open out on to the bedrooms or remain more intimate, thanks to the ingenious lacquered greige blinds and shutters. The lighting in the bedrooms and public spaces was specially designed by Lucien Gau, a designer and craftsman of exceptional one-off pieces.

One of my favorite activities was to spend time in beautiful and elegant terrace in Cannes is to be found on the top floor of the hotel.  The infinity pool, with its stainless steel and walls of water, provides a touch of freshness in an exotic and unusual setting, with wooden Cumaru flooring and turquoise walls. But what makes this even more fun space is the fun and very happy pet the Unicorn perfect to grab sun as well. For sure you cannot leave this with taking a picture with him.

The Five Seas Hotel has one of the best restaurant in town: SeaSens by Arnaud Tabarec located in the chic setting of the 5th floor, and enjoys one of the best views of Cannes across Le Suquet and the Old Port. The famous Chef Arnaud Tabarec offers a gourmet menu. A perfect blend of carefully selected market produce and spices from the 5 continents, and inspired by his many travels. He created a truly unique venue. It has fast become one of THE places to eat in Cannes…with the most tempting desserts, there’s no doubt about that! Robert and I had the opportunity to try their tasting menu and we loved it. The level of attention to detail that made the Chef Arnaud Tabare is amazing starting with the same decor of each of the dishes to its exquisite blend of flavors in our mouth.

Cannes is a city with a super picturesque landscape and as I show you guys my next post of the French Rivera you will notice that among all the cities are very similar but Cannes had something that made me felled in love. Every time we walked secret alley the more beautiful they were. All the streets are a bit narrow but have beautiful architecture in colors and designs surrounded by beautiful gardens that look like a dream. Only judge by my photos:)

One of the places that I recommend for the best city view certainly is Musee de la Castre. This will take you to the best views and alleys that I mentioned before. There is a very special and an even more amazing view that is inside the museum. To enter you must pay a fee and climb to the highest part of the museum but believe me that it totally worth’s the walk and money for a picture because from that point you will see the city at an angle 360. If I’m not mistaken this could be the highest part of the city . You have the view of the city with the beautiful rooftops and the part of the French Riviera.

I hope you enjoyed this post from Cannes. Make sure to stay tuned for more Cote D’Azur destinations!






Dress: House of Herrera

Bag: House of Herrera

Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

Sandals: Schutz from 3 Chic Avenue

Hat: Forever 21

Watch: Daniel Wellington


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  1. Charissa says on September 28, 2016

    Woah! This looks like Paradise! Such a gorgeous hotel and environment, you must have had a wonderful time! Weird enough, I can’t open your newest article, so I went to this one instead 🙂 (Lucky I did) XX Charissa

  2. Julia (The Velvet Runway) says on September 16, 2016

    This looks like such an amazing place! I love the French Riviera but have never seen the views in this post! I am going to take your advice and head up to the Musée de la Castre next time! The hotel looks amazing and I love that infinity pool!
    I fell in love with your green lace dress on Instagram and your photos are truly beautiful!
    Julia x

    • Such an amazing place to visit babe!!! Breathtaking views for sure I recommend it
      Thank you for reading and visiting! Your are the sweetest.