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Boston Red Soxs

I was visiting Boston days after NY Fashion Week ended.

I went to visit my friend Mary who was visiting her parents in laws with her husband. Mary’s parent’s in-laws live in a place near Boston called New Hampshire, which has some beautiful scenery.

I went to visit in the early autumn, so I could see how the trees were changing colors.

The beautiful house where I stayed had an spectacular view to the lake, and my friends’ parents cooked delicious, so I spend eating homemade treats and playing with 2 beautiful Golden Retrievers Bria and Shyloh the all time.

During my stay I witnessed the birthday of the beautiful Tia Yoly, where her family planned to do a Hawaiian theme party at home. The highlights of the party were the beautiful decorations made by Chanty, scrumptious food and the best Cuban mojitos by Tio Scott.

Near New Hampshire there is one of the best outlets, so I took advantage of this opportunity to make one of my favorite activities shopping!

If you are in Boston one of the places you must visit is the Quincy Market, the food is delicious specially the clams.

I don’t know why lately I find myself writing about the post of my travels and I ask myself why is it that every time I visit a city or country I find myself living there LOL I said the same when visit Chicago and also the same for Boston. Why do I get in love of places and people so fast? LOL

I really loved this little trip I took for 5 days. I had a blast with Tia Yoly’s family, it felt like Christmas delicious food, lots of joy and laughs.

I’m planning to visit again with my friend Mary, so wait for me Boston!!



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