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Essque Zalu, Zanzibar Tanzania-Africa


Después de pasar unos días en el bello Stone Town era hora de ir a explorar más lindas playas al norte de Zanzibar, Tanzania.

En mi post anterior les comenté que Stone Town es un destino perfecto para los amantes de la historia y las playas. Pueden encontrar playas muy lindas cerca de Stone Town pero si van más hacia el norte de Zanzibar las playas se ponen más paradisiacas. ¿A que me refiero con esto? Muchos tonos de azules y arena más blanca y suave que he pisado

En Latinoamérica tenemos acceso fácil a hermosas playas, pero realmente nunca había visitado playas con tantos colores de azules.

Nos hospedamos en un pequeño boutique hotel llamado Essque Zalu que tiene súper lindos spots para fotografiar.  ¡Enserio solo juzguen mis fotos! Algo que realmente disfruto de los hoteles boutique no solamente es el servicio sino también que no están tan llenos de gente.

Despertarnos en nuestra villa con piscina privada frente al océano Indico, un bowl de frutas y jugo fresco sin duda fue la manera perfecta de disfrutar cada momento en este hotel. Uno de mis lugares favoritos es el Jetty donde hay un restaurante y bar con un ambiente súper relajado para disfrutar de una rica comida mientras observas los barcos navegando por el océano y en la noche donde puedes disfrutar de música en vivo.

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TulaRosa bikini blanco

6ShoreRoad by Pooja bikini morado

SofiabyVix vestido blanco de BoaSurfHouse

ChristianPaul marble white watch


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  1. Jessie says on abril 7, 2017

    Book marking this page! Omg I didn’t know Tanzania has such amazing beaches! I thought it’s famous for the safari! I’m going there this year in august! Definitely book marking this page for reference.


  2. Darlene says on abril 6, 2017

    wow this is so amazing! so jealous with all your travel photos. How’d you guys do this always traveling? Do you work with the hotels or PR companies? I always wanna be a travel influencer


  3. Ana Vukosavljevic says on abril 6, 2017

    What a paradise!! I loove your photos! Everything looks soo beautiful, I would love to go Zanzibar <3

  4. Oh wow!!!!! These shots are just picturesque! What dreams are made of. Your photos are always absolutely stunning and do the place justice. I so want to visit here now ?

  5. Natalia k says on abril 6, 2017

    I follow your adventures on my Instagram account and I am always amazed at the beautiful places that you go too.
    This is now on my bucket list thanks to you clear blue waters and a stunning villa what more could a girl ask for ?!

  6. How are the beaches of Tanzania so underrated? This ocean has got to be the prettiest blue I have ever seen photos of!! All of your photos are seriously stunning. Definitely have to add this place to my bucket list! Love all your beach looks too! I’ve got my eye on that white tularosa suit!

    xx freshfizzle

  7. Jacqueline says on abril 5, 2017

    This literally looks so amazing. You’re giving me the travel bug. Love the one piece suit. Hope you had so much fun

  8. Marcy, your photographs are absolutely stunning. I really can’t wait to visit Zanzibar next time I am in Tanzania. I love staying at boutique hotels as well, I am so tired of the big chains. Boutique hotels always offer something unique and exciting. The view from your private villa is breathtaking. And you’re looking so gorgeous in the pictures, I especially love your purple swimsuit.


  9. Open Kloset says on abril 5, 2017

    Hey Beauty:)
    Hows you?
    Ohhh What a Paradise, I wish to Visit now:)
    On my Bucket List and the Photos are Incredible:) The Watch what you wore is sooo Beautiful:) And Unique:)
    Will check it out:)
    Love Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Week

  10. Michelle says on abril 5, 2017

    This trip is on my bucket list for sure. One amazing adventure after another for you guys! This beach is gorgeous – all those blue skies and water…so jealous right now as I sit in my cold house in the burbs LOL. And I love a smaller more private hotel – it’s less commercial and you get more authentic experience IMO.

  11. Sheree says on abril 5, 2017

    First of all, this pool, this view is just amazing!! The water is so clear and aqua blue. I may never leave this heaven! Second, I love that white bathing suit you had on with cute shoulder tie details. What a wonderful set of photos!!

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  12. Tandya says on abril 4, 2017

    Omg your travel photos are actual goals! I never even thought about traveling to Zanzibar, Tanzania, until I saw your posts. It looks so blue, clear and tropical. Hopefully in the future!

    Enjoy your travels! XO

  13. Aimara says on abril 4, 2017

    These photos are dreamy Marcy! I love following your adventures! Honestly I didn’t even know Tanzania could be so pretty!
    I love that you are taking a year of your life to live this amazing adventure next to Michael! Would you mind posting how you started? How much money you need? Idk, it seems impossible to me right now due to my financial situation but if there’s a way to do it without breaking the back I’d love to know more! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing gorgeous lady! Keep having the time of your life!
    Much love!

  14. Shalini says on abril 3, 2017

    I have always wanted to travel to Tanzania and now after looking at these shots I am so going this year! Every photo is stunning luv! xo shalini

  15. KATE TIK says on marzo 31, 2017

    I am seriously obsessing over your pictures on this and your previous post! And your Instagram,. Haha. Totally jealous and I too hope to go to Tanzania someday. The sky is so blue and the waters are so clear. Wow. Thank you for sharing such a special experience.

  16. Christine Kong says on marzo 31, 2017

    Holy moly this is a paradise! I can’t believe that this hotel has such gorgeous pools and the beach is beautiful too. Are those individual villas that you stay in? Wow, I am beyond impressed with this place. The food looks incredible and the lodging and surrounding amenities are so luxe! I need to go here right now! xoxo, Christine

  17. I agree with Thomas, I was already impressed with your views from Stone Town! Zanzibar definitely looks like paradise+! Your photos are always amazing 🙂 I love staying at boutique hotels too. The service is always spot on. I also love the attention-to-detail that usually goes into each room’s design.

    xo, Jo

  18. Thomas Falkenstedt says on marzo 30, 2017

    Ok, I thought the pictures from Stone Town with its beautiful beaches were incredible, but these are overwhelming. All that blue makes me think this truly is paradise on earth and somewhat of a hidden gem, yet to be discovered by the masses. I’ll need to hurry down there before they do. 🙂

  19. Elif Kadioglu says on marzo 30, 2017

    Amazing place! Zanzibar is on the top of my list! It looks so beautiful and calming! It looks like a paradise! xoxo Elif