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My favorite Iphone X accesories

As many of you asked me what type of accessories I use for my iPhone, today I decided to make this post about my favorites accessories that help me create the content for my blog and social media channels.

Although I use different professional cameras, my phone (iPhone X)  is a big part of my tools to be able to complement the main image content I create.

The quality of a professional camera does not compare to a phone camera, however there are moments that I feel the camera phone captures the light and the colors better than a professional camera. Not sure if this ever happen to any of you?

For me sometimes it’s also faster, easier and practical to use my phone camera to capture some of my trips. For example, sometimes I planned a trip and can only bring my phone either because it’s a trip that involves water, or because it’s not allowed to take cameras, or also you just don’t want to carry something that big and heavy.

In fact you may be surprised to know that for my recent trip to Spain which I shared on my Instagram, everything was captured with my phone. Here are some photos that were captured with my iPhone:

It’s all about lighting, angle and of course having the right accessories to accomplish good photography on your iPhone.

So today I want to share my favorite accessories for iPhone that have helped make my life easier when it comes to capturing content:


This is a Californian brand that specialized in accessories for iPhone, DJI, and Go Pro photography. I have been using their iPhone X lenses for more than a year and I LOVE them because the quality is extraordinary and they make my content creation more easy.

So here are the lenses I use:

  • Wide: This is undoubtedly one of my favorites and surely one of the lenses I use the most. It helps me a lot when I want to photograph spaces with little or limited space. This will provide a width that can only be achieved with a wide lens. Look at the differences of these photos with the lens and no lens taken at the same location and at the same distance point.
  • Macro: I use this lens when I have to photographed specific details in food, nature, or things that are small that you can only get with this lens. Here some examples captured with this lens:
  • Fisheye: a lens with 10mm multi coated lens that gives 5x more field of view. Ideal for capturing landscapes, or close interior spaces. Here some examples of difference using the lens and with no lens:

You can either buy them separately or get the Photography edition kit that includes all 3 lenses.


This is a brand that specializes in making your life easier by providing the best accessories for your phone (iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Pixel, etc) and iPad. This brand is well known for  making innovative accessories with the latest technologies. Here some of my favorite accessories:

  1. ESR Universal Waterproof Case: This is undoubtedly my favorite accessory for adventures in the water. This waterproof case helps me to take my phone to underwater adventures and capture my best moments. As you guys know, I’m often in a tropical destination so this accessory is a must-have in my summer travel bag. This case will keep your phone safe by preventing water from entering. This comes with a cord that you can use around your neck to keep it safe.
  2. ESR Wireless Charging Stand: As I mentioned I use my phone a lot since it is one of my main tools for work. Because of that I’m constantly running low on battery. However this wireless chargers have helped me to keep my phone charged with no cables. I’m the kind of person who always forgets to bring her cables to charge the phone. But, since I got this Wireless charges from ESR I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Personally I love both designs. But my favorite is the stand one as I can use this while charging it to talk with someone on the phone. Also it’s like a mini tripod to take photos of yourself too.
  3. ESR Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphones: one of my favorites essentials that I cannot miss in my bag. Just the fact that I don’t have to spent a few minutes of my day unraveling the cords it make my life easier (I hate cables)
  4. Fun Covers: I love having different covers to my phone not only because it gives a personality to your phone but also to keep them protected in case you drop them. ESR offers many options of fun ones. My favorite by far is the white marble design:

Hope you liked reading this post and the accessories I use to capture my content with my phone.





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