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Exploring Cape Town with The Cape Milner Hotel

Hello my dear travelers, today I am very excited to share one of my favorite places in South Africa. To be honest the number one on my list of places I would recommend for anyone to visit: The famous Cape Town!

I don’t know if I had told you before, but Robert and I planned to visit South Africa when we were in Madagascar and the truth is that everything was so rushed and last minute that we planned it all in 2 weeks. Many people with whom we interacted in Madagascar were from South Africa and they advised us to leave Cape Town till last since our idea was originally to start with Cape Town. But let me tell you that it was the best recommendation they could give us.

I have fallen in love with this place so much that I left half of my heart there before I left to Thailand. So much that I have been seeing properties to invest money that my father gave me …. I’ll be honest I’ve never moved alone to a country and for me looking for properties is because I really love this place! When I told my mom that I was not going to invest in a house in Costa Rica or Panama, she got sad, but this place is worth it 100%. Not to mention that the quality of living is very cheap in comparison to what people really think.

Our experience when arriving in Cape Town was not at first super exciting, I think Robert and I started to like this city when we did more things during the day and spent more days. At least in my case I had the opportunity to stay a week longer than Robert and I could really get a very nice experience.

During our first 3 days we had the opportunity to stay at a small boutique hotel called The Cape Milner in the heart of Cape Town that faces the majestic backdrop of Table Mountain.

The Cape Milner is an eclectic mix of contemporary boutique and old world charm, with a modern design in a secluded but convenient location.

The colorful geometric designs, African craftsmanship and silver roofs create an elegant boutique retreat for corporate and leisure travelers. It has a lot of Art Deco symmetry and ornate details of the Victorian heritage of Cape Town with touches of African urban design and vivid teals and mustards that accentuate the contemporary neutral finishes.

This boutique-style hotel has 57 rooms, including two suites and ten deluxe rooms. The rooms have a charming and spacious feeling that has been achieved by using a neutral palette, with a play of texture and vibrant accents. Each room enjoys spectacular views of the beautiful Cape Mountains, Table Mountain.

We had the opportunity to stay in one of their suites on the top floor and I have to say that the best way to wake up during those days was to see the beautiful Table Mountain with a coffee in my hand.

As for the food I have to say that it is quite exquisite starting with its delicious and complete breakfasts. The day we arrived we were invited to a dinner of Italian food at Milner that was wonderful.

In Cape Town there are endless things to do, but we were limited with time and especially because Robert was leaving before me, so we decided on two activities at first:

Visit our friends the penguins in Boulders Beach. This was both first time seeing penguins and the truth is that I was very excited as they seem like super cute animals. The entrance has a charge of 70 Rands that is around US $5. My tip is to go early as this can take most of the day depending on where you are, but I also say this because of the light for pictures. Do not rush to chase them, be patient and calm that the penguins always come out and they are everywhere. There are 3 view points and I would recommend going with close and comfortable shoes because in one of the spots you have to climb stones.

After visiting the penguins we returned to the hotel to change and go to dinner with our friend Andrew. I don’t know if you remember, but during our stay in Miavana in Madagascar we meet the photographer of the Tide & Tide group and we became good friends – he was in Cape Town so we decided to go to dinner and have some drinks.

Another activity I was able to do was to explore Cape Town from the air with Cape Town Helicopers. For sure this is something 100% I recommend doing, since the views are incredible. Despite the fact that that day it was a bit cloudy, I could still enjoy beautiful views.

Don’t miss more about my trip in Cape Town in my next post!

Thank you for reading.





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Robert Michael Poole

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  1. Christine Kong says on December 10, 2017

    Cape Town looks lovely and I am a fan of boutique hotels too! The service you get is amazing and I love the quiet and intimate feel of a smaller hotel. How cute that you got to see these penguins so up close! What an adventure you had up in the air too and what beautiful sights from above. I’ve never been to Cape Town but would love to go and check it out one day too! xoxo, Christine

  2. Samantha Mariko says on December 6, 2017

    OMG I’m so jealous you got to see the city from so high above!! That must have been such a cool experience 🙂 The Milner Hotel looks like a wonderful and relaxing place to stay in the area. The patio area looks really chill <3
    xo Samantha

  3. Thomas Falkenstedt says on December 5, 2017

    Truly sounds like your in love with Cape Town judging by the fact that you’re even considering investing in property there. Now it rose even higher up on top of my list! Seeing the penguins has always been a dream of mine and the town seems so serene in some sense (although I’ve read some quite bad reports about criminality and what not) and once again. Having been to so many places, I truly trust your judgement. 🙂
    Thomas xx

    • Marcy Yu says on December 6, 2017

      Thank you Thomas!! I was traveling all SA for month and definitely never felt insecure maybe a little bit in Durban but thats it. As for Capetown is the least dangerous!! xoxo