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Loldia House,The Great Rift Valley, Kenya

I’m finally back where my African adventures began: the magical Kenya.

This was the third time visiting Kenya in less than 2 years. I was so excited to return to my safari adventures and re-living the famous bush life.

The main reason of my return to Kenya was because I was shooting a campaign with Marriott hotels in Nairobi (Kenya’s capital) for almost 2 weeks and a half. Once the campaign was over I wanted to take some time to explore Kenya with my friend Alex Stacanov, who came with me in this adventure.

This was the first time in Africa and Kenya for Alex. Even though it was my third time in this beautiful country it was my first time in the Great Rift Valley. So I was excited to live something new together.

Our safari adventure started by visiting the two newly remodeled properties of the Governor’s Camp Collection: Loldia House at the Great Rift Valley, and the Il Moran in Masai Mara National Park.

Background and location

Governor’s camp Collection comprises of 7 Award Winning luxury safari camps and lodges. Located in the heart of the best wildlife viewing areas of East Africa’s most spectacular scenery. They were the pioneers of the safari lodge concept in Kenya since they have more than 40 years operating.

Our itinerary began visiting Loldia House in The Great Rift Valley first. It’s a only 2 hour drive from Nairobi to the northwestern part of Lake Naivasha, Kenya. We took a plane from Governors Aviation in Nairobi at Wilson Airport that took us direct to this destination.

The Great Rift Valley is an impressive natural landscape that combines some of Africa’s most memorable animals. And without a doubt one of the most impressive landscapes I have seen in Kenya. A large line of geological fault, of the Great Rift Valley, extends around one-sixth of the circumference of the earth. Along its lengths there are volcanoes, most of them dormant.

Loldia House is an original old country house in Kenya, located on the shores of Lake Naivasha, where old Kenya is lived with a gentle and low pace rhythm (very opposite to the city). This was the ideal place for me and Alex to be able to enjoy and relax after 2 intense weeks of work.

Rooms and Spaces

Loldia House has only 9 rooms decorated in the old English country style. Very comfortable, cozy and charming. All with private bathroom which offers old English traditional tubs and showers.

Our room was located in the main house and was the best room on the property since it had an amazing view to the Longonot volcano.

The property offers a common living room with a fireplace in a colonial style where all the guest meet for the afternoon tea or during the night before having dinner in the main dining room.

My favorite part of the property is undoubtedly the main house and the terraces where breakfasts, lunches or afternoon tea are taken. The terrace offers majestic views of the Longonot Volcano. But there’s a specific spot near to the lake that is my favorite. A big ancient and beautiful tree that has some swing chairs hanging. Its the perfect spot to watch the sunset joined by some cute monkeys if you are lucky.


The food was definitely one of my favorites and it made my experience at Loldia House more memorable. I actually don’t remember when it was the last time I was so excited for food except my mom’s house lol.

If there’s one thing I have to admit that I love is home made food. And Loldia House offers a wide variety of home made dishes for everyday. All the ingredients are freshly and homemade.

Honestly there wasn’t anything in the whole menu that Alex and I tasted that we did not like. Everything was so delicious. My favorite dishes were the salads, the soups and the lasagna. As for Alex, I know he loved the homemade hot sauce that by the way became addicted because I swear he put that sauce to every meal.


Loldia House offers endless activities to do since this property is surrounded by lots of nature, lakes, mountains and volcanoes.

Some of my favorite experiences were:

Do a safari and picnic on Crescent Island: I had previously done a walking safari and to be honest I really did not enjoy it much. But after visiting Crescent Island, this walking safari experience was much more memorable and pleasant. This island  offers amazing landscapes and incredible photogenic with the wildlife around.  You can reach this private sanctuary by boat or driving through the narrow, marshy driveway from Sanctuary Farm. It is one of the few places in the Rift Valley where you can walk among giraffes, zebras, waterbucks, impalas and countless species of birds.

Visit the Eburu Forest: we went to this forest with the purpose of lookinf for the famous bongos. I had the opportunity to meet these animals on my first visit to Kenya and the truth is that they are really amazing animals. In Kenya, conservation efforts are being made since this species is in highly in danger of extinction. The forest is recognized as an access point for birds within the Great Forest Complex of Mau and is home to more than 40 species of mammals.

Visit the Nakuru Lake National Park: famous throughout the world for its millions of colorful flamingos and abundant rhinos. I remember visiting this area during the sunrise and I swear that even if I didn’t wanted to wake up every minute and second we stay looking at the sunrise in this place was worth 100% . Undoubtedly one of the most picturesque places I’ve seen in Kenya. (judge my pictures or my Ig stories)

Visit Lake Naivasha: we did a safari on a boat.  At more than 6,000 feet, it is the highest lake in the Rift Valley and one of the most beautiful. Surrounded by papyrus and with the majestic Longonot Volcano as a backdrop, this is a wonderful place to observe and photograph birds. It was incredible the amount of birds and species that we saw during our walk from the pink pelicans, the herons, the colorful fishermen, the ospreys, hippos, etc.

I want to thank all the staff of Loldia House for making our experience in the Great Rift Valley super memorable especially to Mom Rachel and Jennifer.






Jeans: Denim & Supply

Cream Sweater: Zara

Safari hat: Mango

White sneakers: Gucci

Olive miliotar Jacket: Club Monaco

Sunnies: Ray ban

Lace maxi dress: Show me your mumu

Crem hat with ribbon: Sensi Studio

White Mesh top: Zara

Cargo Pants: Polo Ralph Lauren

Purple scarf: Polo Ralph Lauren

Shorts: Hollister


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